How to Make Adorable Pom-Pom Easter Chicks

Pompoms are commonly used in crafting. Do you know that you can use them to create some super cute Easter chicks? They are easy to make. They could be cute decorations or gifts for spring or Easter. Kids will love to help make them too.How to Make Adorable Pom-Pom Easter Chicks

What you will need:

  • Yellow wool yarn
  • Cardboard circle ring
  • Googly eyes or black beads
  • Red paper or felt
  • Glue
  • Needle
  • Scissors

How to do:

1. Cut two card circles rings. Place the card rings together and wind wool around both rings until the hole is almost full.
2. Cut through the wool around the outer edge, tie wool between the discs and pull away the rings. Repeat the process to make the small pom-poms for the chicks’ heads.
3. Join the pom-poms together with the ties. Cut for felt rectangles, shaping one end for feet and wings, and fold a diamond shape in half for the beak. Glue in place and stick on eyes.

How to Make Adorable Pom-Pom Easter Chicks

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Easter chicks from pompons