20+ Handmade Tea Cozy with Patterns

6. Crochet Daylily Tea Cosy For Mother’s Day. It is an open top cosy but with the draw string option, it still keeps a little teapot snug and warm. Free pattern via Justjen-knits & Stitches.

Crochet Daylily Tea Cosy For Mother's Day with Free pattern

7.Knitting Rosebuds Tea Cosy. This lovely tea cozy needs nothing but garter stitch with the yarn doing all the work. Making it is so simple.  Free pattern via Justjen-knits & Stitches.

Knitting Rosebuds Tea Cosy with free pattern

8.Crochet Justjen’s Easy Ripple Tea Cosy. Free pattern via Justjen-knits & Stitches.Crochet Justjen's Easy Ripple Tea Cosy with free pattern

9.Knitting Flower Pot Tea Cosy. Free pattern via Justjen-knits & Stitches.Knitting pot of colour tea cosy

10. Crochet Bird Tea Cosy. Free pattern via Ravelry.

Crochet Bird Tea Cosy with Free pattern

11.Crochet Granny Tea Cozy. Free pattern via Crochet with Raymond.Crochet Granny Tea Cozy with free pattern

12.Crochet Scallop Tea Cosy. Free pattern via Crochetroo.

Crochet Scallop Tea Cosy with free pattern