13 Cute and Lovely Crochet Rug with Patterns

Do you want to make a cute addition to brighten up your kids’ room? This cute crochet rug is fascinating for most kids and it brings an element of fun and originality to a baby’s nursery, or to a child’s room. If you want to crochet one of these, then head over to the link below to find the patterns.

11 Cute and Lovely Crochet Rug with Patterns

1.Sea Turtle Rug

Free pattern: Ravelry   no longer available

sea turtle rug

2.Zooty Owl Trivets

Free Pattern : Zooty Owl Cards

Zooty Owl Trivets

3.Retro Owl Rug

Paid pattern: Irarott

Retro Owl Rug

4.Owl Rug

Paid pattern: EtsyOWL RUG 1

5.Rope Owl Rug

Paid pattern: twisted thread and hook

Rope Owl Rug