40+ Crochet Animal Hat with Patterns

Looking for an animal character hat to crochet? More than 40 crochet animal hat patterns for kids for you to choose from!
40+ Crochet Animal Hat with Patterns

Crochet Fox Hat Free Pattern

Free Pattern–> Fox Hat 

40+ Crochet Animal Hat with Patterns-frog

Free pattern–> Crochet Frog Hat

Animal Hat Crochet Patterns-frog-hippoFREE Pattern –> Crochet Hippo Hat

Animal Hat Crochet Patterns-polar bear

 FREE Pattern–> Polar Bear Hat

Animal Hat Crochet Patterns-foxFREE Pattern –>Fox Hat

Animal Hat Crochet Patterns-Dalmatian Dog

FREE Pattern –> Dalmatian Dog Hat

Animal Hat Crochet Patterns zabrina zebra

Paid Pattern –> Zebra Hat
Animal Hat Crochet Patterns-Giraffe Hat FREE Pattern–>Giraffe Hat