Crochet Mini ZOO Kids Blanket Free Pattern

If you’re going with an animal theme in your little boy or girl’s nursery, this Crochet Mini ZOO Kids Blanket Free Pattern is great for newborns and toddlers alike.  It is over the top with cuteness and fun! It is made in 9 Crochet Squares worked in joined rounds and then sewn together. Kids love animals. That’s why I believe that your kids will fall in love with this blanket if you make one for them.

Crochet Mini ZOO Kids Blanket with Free PatternGet the hook out and make this Lion, Tiger and Bear Crochet Blanket for that special little one! It’s a FREE Crochet Pattern that you’ll love to make and it will make a gorgeous treasured gift. Crochet it for the next little babe to come into the world. It kind of doubles as a toy and your child will hold it near for many years to come. You could customize you own colors to suit your Nursery decor.

Click below link for free pattern…

Lions and Tigers and Bears Blanket

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