Crochet Victorian Lattice Square Blanket Free Pattern

Granny square patterns are so versatile, whether you are making a traditional granny square or a granny square motif. The possibilities are endless. You can make scarves, blankets and outfits. The Crochet Victorian Lattice Square Blanket Free Pattern is a crochet granny square project that features an intricate lace design on each individual crochet square. You can make this crochet afghan pattern as big or as small as you’d like. It depends on how many squares you are going to join. This is a pattern for everybody. If you decide to crochet it, just follow the link below and follow the very helpful tutorials of this lovely square. Thanks Destany Wymore and Aurelia’s Little Room for sharing these free patterns. The links for the free patterns are provided below photos. Happy crocheting.

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Crochet Victorian Lattice Square Free Pattern
Photo Credit to © Destany Wymore © josiesmom

Click below link for free pattern…

Victorian Lattice Square


If you love to make blankets, especially those with motifs and shapes. But you haven’t learned how to join all the squares. Below will show you a beautiful method to join granny squares. It’s very easy.

Tutorial Simple Joining Square Technique
Photo Credit to Aurelia’s Little Room

Click below link for tutorial….

Simple Joining Square Technique