DIY Crochet Baby Booties with Ribbon Tie

These crochet baby booties are a pretty and practical gift for baby shower. They are great for keeping cute little baby feet snug and warm! I particularly love the Ribbon Tie on the baby booties.

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What needed for this project:

  • Yarn in the color of your choice
  • Crochet hook (size D, G, H, I)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Tapestry needleHook Sizes for Ages Newborn to 12 Months
    Crochet Hook Size
    Newborn to 3 months D (3.0mm)
    3 months to 6 months G (4.0mm)
    6 months to 9 months H (5.0mm)
    9 months to 12 months I (5.5mm)

diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-01 diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-02 diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-03 diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-04 diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-05 diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-06 diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-07 diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-08 diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-09 diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-10 diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-11 diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-12 diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-13 diy-crochet-baby-booties-with-ribbon-tie-14 DIY Crochet Baby Booties with Ribbon Tie