The Eggy Paw Pals Free Crochet Pattern

These Eggy Paw Pals with egg shaped are extremely adorable and cute, with a range of designs you can choose from! Dogs, cats, mice, bunnies, here they all are! They can have an extremely adorable and charming countenance that adds to their designs! Each one has a distinct aspect that allows it to be distinguishable, but still very cute! You can choose whatever animal you desire, which will be sure to be unique and special to you! This is also an amazing plush toy or gift for Easter for a baby shower! It has an incredibly comforting, soft, and gentle touch that makes it all the more fun to play with, no discomfort at all! Thank Cilla Crochets for sharing this free pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below the photo. Happy crocheting.

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The Eggy Paw Pals