Braid Triple French Braid Double Waterfall Hairstyle

This is another tutorial how to make triple french braid double waterfall hairstyle. The name sounds very complicated.  Yes it does, but it is not as complicated as it sounds to do it. Look at the picture tutorial below or the video if you have problem following the pictures.

This is a great hairstyle for summer.

braid-triple-french-braid-double-waterfall-1 braid-triple-french-braid-double-waterfall-2 braid-triple-french-braid-double-waterfall-3 braid-triple-french-braid-double-waterfall-4 braid-triple-french-braid-double-waterfall-5 braid-triple-french-braid-double-waterfall-6 braid-triple-french-braid-double-waterfall-7 braid-triple-french-braid-double-waterfall-i