DIY Simple and Awesome Twisted Updo Hairstyle

Do you want to learn a new hairstyle which you can do in different kinds of occasions. Here is a Simple Twisted Updo Hairstyle that you can do it yourself easily.

All you need is about 6 to 8 grips. It’s a very practical hairstyle, which would work perfectly in wet and windy weather, or down on the beach. It’s also fab for short bob length hair, as well as extra long locks.

diy-simple-twisted-updo-hairstyle-fdiy-simple-twisted-updo-hairstyle-1 diy-simple-twisted-updo-hairstyle-2 diy-simple-twisted-updo-hairstyle-3 diy-simple-twisted-updo-hairstyle-4 diy-simple-twisted-updo-hairstyle-5 diy-simple-twisted-updo-hairstyle-6 diy-simple-twisted-updo-hairstyle-7 diy-simple-twisted-updo-hairstyle-8

Check out the video below for a similar hairstyle.