DIY How to Make Zebra Patterned Surprise inside Cake


Imagine the looks of excitement when you cut open this fabulous Zebra patterned surprise inside cake! It’s pretty as a picture and so easy to make yourself!

Zebra-Pattern-Cake-1 Zebra-Pattern-Cake-2 Zebra-Pattern-Cake-3 Zebra-Pattern-Cake-4 Zebra-Pattern-Cake-5 Zebra-Pattern-Cake-6 Zebra-Pattern-Cake-7 Zebra-Pattern-Cake-8 Zebra-Pattern-Cake-Outside1 Zebra-Pattern-Cake-Outside2 Zebra-Pattern-Cake-Outside3 Zebra-Pattern-Cake-Outside4 Zebra-Pattern-Cake-Outside5 Zebra-Pattern-Cake-Outside6

1. White Batter (Color one half black and leave the other white)
2. Food coloring
3. Other regular cake ingredients.


1. In a greased cake pan we add the batter. Starting
in the center at a large dollop of one of the colors, and keep alternating white and black colors.

2. Decorate the outside of the cake

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