14 Cute Teacup Mini Gardens Ideas

Do you have a small area that you want to decorate? Terrariums are a charming way to bring some plant life into any space. The fun thing about putting together a terrarium is all of the possibilities. There are some beautiful and unique ideas for creating your own Mini Fairy Terrarium Gardens with these miniature terrarium gardens, small water gardens, or combine the both. The Cute Teacup Mini Gardens Ideas are those ones belonging to this category. I tend to plant succulents in planters this small as they don’t mind if they dry out, which these tend to do quickly

Make your own and save hundreds of dollars. You can haunt your local thrift stores and yard sales looking for beautiful or unusual tea cups.  Use moist, soil, moss, pebbles and decorative rocks to build your mini terrarium garden. You can plant some tropical plants, cacti and succulents inside. Add some other details like small animal figures, small furniture elements, and make a whole story and a whole miniature world inside the glass container.  There are no rules and restrictions. You just have to use your imagination and turn your ideas into beautiful and interesting artworks. Check out the 14 Cute Teacup Mini Gardens Ideas for you to get going.

14 Cute Teacup Mini Gardens Ideas

Cute Tea Cup Garden

Photo via elowezil.blogspot.co.nz

Fairies and Succulents Teacup Garden

DIY Teacup Fairy Mini Garden

Tutorial via Lifeisaparty

Indoor Teacup Water Garden

Tutorial via Radmegan
Miniature Teacup Garden

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Teacup Fairy Garden with Tutorial

Tutorial via See Vanessa Craft