DIY Christmas Wine Glasses Candle Holders

Holidays are right here and it is that time of the year when you need decoration ideas for parties and craft ideas. Creative people come up ideas to use non-traditional materials for crafts. Wine glasses are one of the materials that are no longer used just for drinking wine. There are some creative crafts that utilize wine glasses as a medium with amazing results, for example Christmas Wine Glasses Candle Holders. They look fantastic on Christmas table. They are a perfect addition to your holiday decor. They are also a perfect gift for that special someone on your list this year.

The DIY is easy to do. The clear wine glasses can be found at the Dollar Tree. They are super budget-friendly. They use the wine glasses upside down as the base of the wine glass to set candles on and the entire glass hand painted in some of the cutest ways. You can customize them so easily to suit your seasonal needs. You’ll enjoy making these Candle Holders to impress your guests.DIY Christmas Wine Glasses Candle Holders

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Christmas Wine Glasses New Expanded Line

 Christmas Wine Glasses Candle Holders

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