DIY Make Beaded Violet Flower Bouquet

DIY-Beaded-Violet-Flower-Bouquet-1 DIY-Beaded-Violet-Flower-Bouquet-2-0-0 DIY-Beaded-Violet-Flower-Bouquet-2-0-1 DIY-Beaded-Violet-Flower-Bouquet-2-0-2 DIY-Beaded-Violet-Flower-Bouquet-2-0-3 DIY-Beaded-Violet-Flower-Bouquet-2-0-4 DIY-Beaded-Violet-Flower-Bouquet-2-0-5

You can make this beautiful beaded violet flower bouquet to decorate your home or as a gift.

What you will need:

  • beads
  • wire in two sizes: 0.35-0.4 for thin petals and leaves; thicker for petioles
  • clippers, tweezers, pliers, pliers, scissors
  • PVA glue
  • green or black thread
  • a small flower pot
  • a piece of clay to secure the bouquet in the pot