DIY Snowman Decor Made of Yarn

Do you like DIY holiday decor? How about making a snowman decor? It’s easy to make and it’s a great project to spend time with kids. Here is a quick tutorial:

  • Blow up different sizes of balloons.
  • Use a sharpie draw a circle around the balloon knot. Now you have to make the “special” paste: mix together corn starch, glue and warm water.
  • Mix all this “ingredients” until the paste it’s not lumpy anymore.
  • Put the yarn through the glue mix and after that “roll” it around your balloons.
  • Wrap the string vertically and after that start wrapping horizontally.

You have to leave everything to dry for 24 hours. The next day you can pop your balloons. For a better connection balls one side gently push inward. Then connect these string balls with glue. At last, decorate it. Your own snowman is ready~~ DIY Snowman Decor Made of Yarn

Click the link below for the tutorial…

DIY Snowman Made of Yarn