10 Easy Dog Paw Print Craft Projects

Looking for a fun and creative way to do something for your sweet pup as a member of the family? There are so many great handprint and footprint craft ideas for kids, what about doing something similar for them instead of just taking a portrait of Fido and framing it? The paw print flower art may be the answer. Our pets live drastically shorter lives than we do, and paw print crafts are the perfect way to immortalize our relationship with them. Here are 10 Easy Dog Paw Print Craft Projects you can try out.

The technique is simple for paw print flower art. You use paint and your dog’s paws in order to create lovely flower petals on a canvas. They don’t even look like dog prints but real flowers petals instead. If you want a change, you could make all different colored flowers for each different dog you have! The result will be far more sentimental and memorable since it involves your pet in a deeply personal way. Do these at different intervals in your puppy’s life to see how she’s growing, or have a fun afternoon crafting a few as future mementos.

You can also try other projects, but be gentle with your pet’s feet and clean them afterward, and then you can both enjoy the reminder of your friendship.

Dog Paw Print Craft1.Paw Print Flowers. 

Tutorial via: Party Pinching.

Dog Paw Print Craft

2. Salt Dough Puppy Paw Print Christmas Ornament

Tutorial via Crafty Morning

Salt Dough Puppy Paw Print Christmas Ornament

3.Stepping Stones with Pawprints

Tutorial via Craft Night with Stacy

Stepping Stones with Pawprints

4.Paw Print Art

Tutorial via Treats a La Bark

Paw Painting Art