How to Make Awesome Plastic Cup Lamp lighting

Can you imagine that putting plastic cups and lights together can produce such wonderful effects? It’s a great project for kids party or other celebrations.

What we need:
1. Soldering iron
2. Plastic Cups
3. Lights

Plastic-Cup-Lamp-Lighting-00-00 Plastic-Cup-Lamp-Lighting-00-01 Plastic-Cup-Lamp-Lighting-00-02 Plastic-Cup-Lamp-Lighting-00-03 Plastic-Cup-Lamp-Lighting-00-04 Plastic-Cup-Lamp-Lighting-00-05 Plastic-Cup-Lamp-Lighting-00-06 Plastic-Cup-Lamp-Lighting-00-07 Plastic-Cup-Lamp-Lighting-00-08 Plastic-Cup-Lamp-Lighting-Featured