How To Knit Chicken Sweaters

My reaction was haha. That’s so cute when the first time I saw a picture of chickens wearing sweaters. These sweater are not only simply adorable but also will keep chickens warm in any cold environment. In fact, chickens that are more like pets might need a way to keep warm when outside. Especially for some hens have no feathers when they are retired. A perfect option may be DIY chicken sweaters.

How To Knit Chicken Sweaters

Making DIY chicken sweaters is really similar to making a sweater for a dog or other pet. You can use knitting or crochet etc. skill. You need an assortment of supplies like yarn or fabric for the type of sweater you want to make. At last, buttons can also be added to the sweaters to make them unique or personalized. Click below link for free pattern

Jumpers for battery hens

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