25 Fun & Creative Uses of PVC Pipes in Your Garden

PVC pipe is lightweight, inexpensive, versatile and sturdy. It is easy to work with and is readily available at any home improvement center. It can be used to create a variety of interesting and useful things in the garden and landscape. You’d be surprised how many neat things you can do with PVC pipe. Some ideas can entertain your family on weekends in the backyard. Whether you’re starting a photography business or you want to occupy the kids with a home made sprinkler, you’ve come to the right place! Try some of uses of pvc pipes in your garden this weekend. Fun & Creative Uses of PVC Pipes in Your Garden

1.PVC Planters

PVC Planters #PVC #PlantersPVC-pipe-projects

2.PVC Vase and Centerpiece

Tutorial: eHow

PVC Vase and Centerpiece

3.DIY PVC Pipe Soccer Goal

Tutorial: Six Sister Stuff

DIY PVC Pipe Soccer Goal #pipe # soccer #goal

4.PVC Kids Car Garage

Tutorial: Mom Endeavors

PVC Kids Car Garage

5.DIY PVC Chicken Feeder

Tutorial: Preparing For Shtf

DIY PVC Chicken Feeder #garden # chicken #feeder

6.Vertical Aquaponic Garden

Tutorial: Instructables

DIY PVC Vertical Aquaponic Garden #DIY #PVC # Aquaponic #Garden

7.Corn and Bean Planter

Tutorial: Sensible Survival

DIY PVC Corn and Bean Planter


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8.Organizing Garden Tools with PVC

Tutorial: ashbeedesign

Organizing Garden Tools with PVC

9.PVC Watering Grid

Tutorial: Squarefoot

PVC Watering Grid

10.PVC Tomato Cages

Tutorial: Home stead life style

PVC Tomato Cages