29 Creative Ways to Upcycle Plastic Easter Eggs

28 Creative Ways to Upcycle Plastic Easter Eggs

5.DIY Mini Bullet Planter–This adorable mini planter made from half plastic easter egg and some wires.  You can decor your home or office table with  these miniature bullet planters.DIY Mini Bullet Planter

6.DIY Pineapple String Lights–Brighten up the nights with these DIY pineapple string lights  all lined up nice and neat! They not only are an adorable addition to any backyard, but also leave Easter behind for a summer feel.

DIY Pineapple String Lights 7.Easter Egg Garland–This is a fun and cheap way to decoration your home.
Easter Egg Garland 8.Easter Egg Bouquet–This is a pretty and fun idea, and it will bright your Easter table.Easter Egg Bouquet