29 Creative Ways to Upcycle Plastic Easter Eggs

28 Creative Ways to Upcycle Plastic Easter Eggs25.DIY Easter Eggs Word Families–Easter egg word family activities for kids that are fun and educational.
DIY Easter Eggs Word Families
26.Easter Egg Bees Spring Wreath–What a cute idea for making bees! This is a fun way to reuse plastic Easter Eggs. You can make these decor wreath or put around the house.Easter Egg Bee Easter Egg Bees Spring Wreath 27.Easter Egg Hot Air Balloons–These are so cute! Love the idea of using an easter egg as a hot air balloon!Easter Egg Hot Air Balloons 28.Baby Bird Plastic Egg Shakers Craft–You can make a simple shaker out of a plastic Easter egg. It’s easy to introduce little ones to rhythm and music with these colorful egg shakers!

Baby Bird Plastic Egg Shakers Craft

29. Plastic Egg Mushroom Craft–Little kids will love paint these Toadstools, mushrooms, fairy houses.

Creative Ways to Upcycle Plastic Easter Eggs-mushroom